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Agile Experience Days 


Expleo Norway

 The purpose of the Agile Experience Day is to give you a good understanding of this new way of thinking and working. We want you to feel that you are equipped with new tools to support you in your agile endeavours.

The outcome of this two day Agile Experience Day will be that you get an overview of the agile mindset, structure and the methods. We want you to leave this training with a powerful understanding of scaling agile in all levels of an organisation. You will create a great starter kit for yourself and your organisation.

The target audience is for all people working in organisations that are transforming to a more agile way of working.  

Agile Experience Day will be held on 

25th and 26th March 2021

for 5 hours each day

as a online training

on Teams and with Miro board

Your journey 

#1 Why is agile needed?

Get a depper understanding about why agility is needed and what it can mean for your organisation

#2. What is agile?

Agile is like a triangle that includes the agile culture and mindset, the agile organisational structure and the agile tools like scrum, kanban, obeya and other frameworks. 

#3. How to start?

You will get concrete examples of the agile way of working transformation in a team, unit and the whole organisation. 

#4. Organisational transformation

We will share our experience about the agile transformation with you. You will get a detailed view of how an organisational transformation can look and what it needs. It includes details about the transformation in delivery, service, sales and support units. You will also get insights about the frameworks, the responsibilities in the transformation journey and how to make sure that all people in the organisation are involved in this exciting journey.

#5. Inspirational speaker

Exclusive to our Agile Experience Day, we present an inspirational speaker who will give you a view into the future and share a concrete example of the agile journey and the outcome after a  transformation.

Albert Vrajolli

Senior Agile Coach

Albert Vrajolli

Ole Jepsen

Albert is a senior agile coach and transformation advisor who believes that change and transformation starts from people. 

Albert focuses on Business Agility. His extensive experience comes from his involvement in the ING Bank Business Transformation. ING was the first Agile Bank in Germany.

He values openness, trust, collaboration, and kindness.

Ian Gonzales

Ole Jepsen

Ian has worked passionately as a lean agile coach since 2014. He believes that agility is needed in all the parts of an organization to cope with a volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous age and world we are living in today. His focus is business transformation, innovation, and cultural transformation.  ​ 

Ian spent time as an agile technical lead and fullstack developer before becoming a fully-pledge enterprise agile coach. 

Ian Gonzales

Senior Agile Coach

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