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Transformation is different than change. It is something that is irreversible, longer and bigger, and definitely harder. It does not only mean changing work processes and applications (like in digital transformation), but also the organizational structure, business model, culture, and people’s mindset and values.

We will partner with you to enable your organisation to transform in the direction you envision.

Some of the concrete things this might include are:

  • Facilitation of creation of your new vision. What and where are you transforming to?

  • Advise and coach you on your business strategy, portfolio management, and alignment.

  • Facilitation of your master plan workshop where you will create your initial transformation backlog.

  • Advice and facilitate on how new agile teams and organizational structures are formed.

  • Design and facilitate your agile kick-off.

  • Facilitate initial team building and kick-off events.

  • Initial trainings for teams, leadership group, key agile roles like scrum master, agile coaches, product owner, program manager.

  • Mentoring key leadership and agile roles.



Even if you are not thinking of a holistic and structured agile transformation, everyone can still get value from coaching. It can be for a team, group of people, a project, a department, group of leaders, or key people in your organization. 

Agile coaching can help you with:​

  • Innovating your products, services and company.

  • Increasing your customer satisfaction.

  • Detecting and solving your biggest impediments. 

  • Improving your processes and services. 

  • Learning and increasing your capabilities.

  • Growing and releasing your potential.

  • Increasing employee engagement and motivation.

  • Making an impact and delivering more value. 

Agile Coaching is not just for IT! It is also for HR, Marketing, Sales, Business, Legal, Operations. In fact it is for the whole company. It is for big companies as well as for small; for well-establish companies and for start-ups; for private and public companies.

Let us help you where you are in now and move you to where you need to go.



Are you looking into investing and hiring several agile roles (product owner, scrum master, release train engineer, program manager, agile coaches, agile project manager) and key leadership roles? It can be internal or external recruitment. This is a natural step of an agile transformation and is something we have good experience in.

We can help you figure out a good set-up for your company. We will advise and help you on what you should be looking for and help you conduct CV-screenings and candidate interviews. We can also advise you on the formal HR role progressions.



We can offer a more customized event or session for you depending on specific needs, audience, and expected result.


We would also open up for co-designing and co-hosting the session with you and your people.  Examples can be team/project building event, team/project formation kick-off, internal company conference, hackathons, innovation days, etc.


You can also invite us to be a neutral facilitator to whatever event or workshop that you have so that you can take on the role of participant instead.


It can be leadership group retrospective, team retrospective, agile train Inspect and Adapt, team event planning, SAFe PI-planning, team building, Lean startup workshop, Design sprint workshop.


Take a look at our comprehensive list of agile offerings.

Some of these are:

  • Pre-Agile Transformation Sanity Check

  • The Agile Leadership Camp

  • Becoming a great agile leader

  • Leading SAFe

  • SAFe for Teams

  • Release Train Engineer Camp

  • Product Ownership Camp

  • Agile Experience Day

  • Agile Process Tools: A look into Scrum, Kanban, and SAFe

  • Plenty more!

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