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Our vision is a wider but more intimate knowledge-sharing and networking of lean-agile practitioners from businesses and organisations representing different industries.

What is the
Agile Business Mixer?

Our vision is a wider but more intimate knowledge-sharing and networking of lean-agile practitioners from businesses and organisations representing different industries in Norway.

Why attend?

Meet people from different companies in Norway that are practicing or using agile.

Share experiences and network through participant activities.

Get inspiration from Guest Speakers. 

Who is it for?

The Agile Business Mixer gathers people with different types of backround and roles.

See examples below:

Release Train Engineer          Agile Project Manager​          Agile Program Manager          Lean / Agile Coach          ​Agile Team Lead​
Scrum Master          Agile People Coach         Transformation Lead / Manager         Service Designer          Agile Product Manager​
Portfolio Manager​          People Leader          ​Company Owner​          Business Owner          ​Product Owner   
HRInnovation Coach / Lead          and more...

What is the Event content?

Key note talks

Speed dating


Open Space

Coaching Clinic

And more...


What Participants Say

"I really enjoyed the Agile Business Mixer. The presentations were relevant to my context and of great quality. I also valued the opportunity to network, exchange and learn from peers."
Catherine Dieuaide - Director Business Agility, People, Process and Digitalisation at Yara International

Guest Speakers!


The Future of Enterprise Agility


CEO and founder of Adventures with Agile

Simon Powers is the CEO and founder of Adventures with agile, the training and coaching company and global community of practice for agile and organizational change.


Simon is a world-class systemic coach, leadership coach, and mentor, facilitator and trainer.


Over the last two decades, Simon has worked with leaders to improve their organisations, meet their objectives, and create a productive and happy work environment. He has worked in many industries including banking, financial services, retail, manufacturing, charity, oil and gas, and the public sector.


Based on his extensive experience, Simon has created a program of certified training classes that have been extremely effective in upskilling leaders, managers, staff, and contractors in organisational change skills. He contributes in setting the industry standards through ICAgile, Disciplined Agile, and the wider community, and is seen as a thought-leader and entrepreneur for organisational change and agility.


Simon now runs the AWA coaching and training faculty and continues to coach and mentor leaders in organisational agility and meeting their key objectives. He teaches and runs the 100 Thought Leader Program, an initiative to grow the next generation of innovators and change agents.


He occasionally runs training classes and facilitates large scale events.


He is the winner of multiple agile awards and has written many articles and videos that have shaped the way people think about agile and organisational change. He is currently writing his book called Change.


The future of agility (45 mins)

Simon Powers projects into the near, mid, and distant future on what might happen in the world of agility. Agility includes subjects such as leadership, organisational design, team, and personal development, as well as the wider topic of industry collaboration, technology, politics, and communication. There is a lot to consider in the complex world of organising people.


Simon works on the front line, helping organisations navigate the daily and the strategic challenges they face, he also teaches hundreds of agile coaches to do the same and hears their experience reports too. His job is to stay on the cutting edge. He sees the trends, the challenges, and what solutions are being applied, and so he is uniquely equipped to forecast what the future might hold for us.


Join Simon in discovering one possible future world of work.


Autumn edition 25.November 2021

Simon Powers

Agile Journey
at Bosch


Global Project Lead Agile Transformation
at Robert Bosch Power Tools

Jochen Goeser is an Agile Enthusiast and Global Project Lead in Robert Bosch Power Tools' greatest transformation, the Agile Transformation of its 20,000 associates. Throughout this journey all Business Units and Central Functions are being reorganized in permanent cross-functional teams, enabled by learning new methods and processes to work and most importantly, act and live in an agile mindset.

Jochen focuses on building highly adaptable and human-centered organizations to unleash their full potential.

Jochen Goeser

Towards business agility in Telenor with


Tarald Holm Røste

Head of Agile Coaching & Enablement
Telenor Norway


Thomas Øivind Andresen

Head of Culture & New Ways of Working
Telenor Group

Thomas is an experienced leadership- and organisational developer and has been an enabler and promoter for new ways of working in Telenor for many years. Since 2020 he has been leading the adoption of tight-loose-tight leadership across all Telenor’s Business Units in Asia and the Nordics. He is driven to unleash the full capacity of the people and teams in Telenor and enjoys to sometime act as a corporate rebel. 

Tarald is passionate about improving systems, teams and processes, and has been a proponent of agile ways of working since 2013. After many years as a project manager in IT, he grew to realise that business agility is about much more than creating software. Taking on the role of Agile Coach he challenges the status quo looking for better ways to collaborate, organise and lead work at all levels of the organisation.

A short story of the topic
Telenor has for many years been transforming it’s way of work to be more innovative, agile and customer focused. In 2019 the focus was on the leadership that was driving business agility, and this is when they discovered the tight-loose-tight leadership (TLT) approach. When the pandemic hit us all in 2020 and flex-work became the normal, TLT was adopted as the way to practice trust-based leadership for all leaders across Telenor. Tight-Loose-Tight is a lightweight systemic approach were leaders and managers trust and enable teams to autonomously find the best solutions that align with company outcomes.


09:00-09:30 Soft start opening/ Agile clinic

09:30-09:50 Welcome and introduction of the day

09:50-10:20 Introduction of everyone

10:20-10:30 Break/ Optional social room
10:30-11:15 "Towards business agility in Telenor with
“tight-loose-tight”" - by Tarald Holm Røste & Thomas Øyvind Andresen
11:15-11:30 Break/ Agile clinic
11:30-12:30 Agile speed dating
12:30-13:15 Lunch
13:15-14:00 "Agile Journey at Bosch" - by Jochen Goeser

14:00-14:15 Break/ Agile clinic

14:15-15:15 Open space

15:15-16:00 "The future of Enterprise Agility" by Simon Powers
16:00-16:30 Closing


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The Agile Business Mixer gathers people with different types of backround and roles.
See examples below:

Release Train Engineer

Agile Project Manager

Agile Program Manager

Lean / Agile Coach

Agile Team Lead

Scrum Master

Agile People Coach

Transformation Lead / Manager

Service Designer

Agile Product Manager

Portfolio Manager

People Leader

Company Owner

Business Owner

Product Owner


Innovation Coach / Lead

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