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ING & Expleo leadership 

experience day with 

ING Germany and Expleo Norway

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ING & Expleo leadership experience day with the

ING Germany and Expleo Norway 

26th May 2021

as online course on Teams  

The Price for the Agile leadership experience day is

4.900 NOK excl. Tax and the due date for the registration is 15th of May 2021


You want to learn more about agile leadership, leading people and leading agile transformation. With the agile leadership experience day you will get insights from ING Germany that is known as a digital leader and the first agile bank in Germany and learning about agile leadership from us as Expleo Norway.


This is a experience day that focuses more on learning, getting inspiration, and having space for deeper exchanges in areas that you are interested in when it comes to Agile and Agile Leadership.  Expleo Norway will introduce you to theoretical and practical content about agile leadership.  All of this will be in connection to Remote agile leadership.


Together with ING we will provide exclusive content for your personal and organisational growth towards agile leadership.

Agenda of the day

9.00 - 9.30 

Welcome, expectation and set-up

9.30 - 10.30 

Agile Leadership overall

Learn more about agile leadership values, leading people and the meaning of remote leadership the new way of working

10.30 - 11.30 

ING´s agile journey 

ING’s agile journey – Before and after the agile transformation. 

What has changed for the leaders?

11.30 - 12..15  Lunch together: You ,  ING and Expleo

12.15 - 13.30

Questions and Answer with the ING

13.30 -  15..00 

Agile Leadership Methods

Learn more about agile methods that can support you through the agile leadership journey. You will learn more about collaboration with your people, Obeya and the Objective and Key results

15.00 - 15.30 

Summery, Learnings and Feedback


Eliza Manolagas

Agile Consultant

at the 

ING Germany

Eliza Manolagas

Ole Jepsen

Eliza was Head of Internal Communication at ING Germany for seven years before the bank was restructured into an agile organization in 2018.


Today, as an agile consultant, she is responsible for organizational development and agile transformation in the bank.


One of her greatest concerns: to create an understanding that big changes take time and patience.


Albert Vrajolli

Senior Agile Coach



Transformation Coach

Albert Vrajolli

Ole Jepsen

Albert is a senior agile coach and transformation advisor who believes that change and transformation starts from people. 

Albert focuses on Business Agility. His extensive experience comes from his involvement in the ING Bank Business Transformation. ING was the first Agile Bank in Germany.

He values openness, trust, collaboration, and kindness.

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ING & Expleo leadership experience day in collaboration with ING Germany and Expleo Norway

26th May 2021


online course

on Teams

The Price for the

Agile Leadership Camp is

4.900 NOK excl. Tax

The due date for the registration is

15th of May 2021

With this event we will donate a part of the income to Unicef.

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