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                                        Andreas Homme, Sales Director

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Her finner du noen eksempler på kurs, workshops og eventer vi kan tilby din organisasjon. Ta gjerne direkte kontakt med meg på telefon eller epost for en uforpliktende prat.  

  • Pre-Agile Transformation Sanity Check

    So you have decided to do an agile transformation! Great! Or maybe you are just considering it now? Perhaps you would like to know if it is worth investing money on scaling framework like SAFe or hiring a consulting company that promises to help you with a transformation?

    Let us do a pre-agile transformation check with you.

    This is a mini-workshop that helps you know what to expect from a business or organizational transformation.

    Course length

    4.5 hours

  • The Agile Leadership Camp

    This is a camp that focuses more on developing and practicing the different leadership muscles rather than just teaching the principles and theories for being great leaders. It starts with discovering and developing oneself and rounds up by taking the perspective of the organization. It has 4 modules:

    1. Leading Yourself
    2. Leading People
    3. Leading Groups of People
    4. Leading Organizations

    Course length

    2 days per module

    8 days for the entire camp

  • Product Ownership Camp

    Perhaps you have been working with product ownership or product management for some time, and you feel you still want to grow more. Maybe your product management team is struggling to deliver value or not happy with what is being delivered. Worst even, perhaps it is your customers that are not happy with your offerings.

    This camp is about practicing and developing the different product ownership competences. It is for new as well as already experienced product owners and product managers. We will show and practice in different tools, techniques, and practices and tie them to principles and mindset (customer centricity, hypothesis and experimental driven, data-driven, etc.) great product owners and managers have.

    Course length

    4 days

  • Scrum Master Camp

    Scrum masters and agile team coaches are important servant-leaders and enablers in any company especially the ones who are in their early phase of transformation.

    The role of these people can be misunderstood. Their responsibilities and stance may vary depending on the maturity of the teams they are supporting. It’s also easy to forget that they also need support, space to develop, and have a community to socialize and grow together.

    This camp aims to invite your scrum masters and agile team coaches to form a community of learning, sharing, and growth. We will help you form this community and share our own wisdom and experience with you.

    Course length

    1 to 2 days

  • RTE Camp

    This is a bootcamp specifically targeting release train engineers (RTE), solution train engineers (STE), or other managers that work with leading agile release trains in SAFe.

    What will be covered:
    • Beyond SAFe - Exploring and alignment of the STE/RTE roles.
    • Starting an STE/RTE community in your company.
    • Improving your Inspect and Adapt.
    • Agile Metrics.
    • Value Streams.

    Course length

    2 days

    2.5 days

  • Leading SAFe®

    Get the necessary knowledge on how to lead a lean-agile organization using SAFe® framework.

    What you will learn:
    • Leading transformation to business agility using SAFe®.
    • Becoming a lean-agile leader.
    • Understanding customers’ needs using Design Thinking.
    • Activate your delivery of agile products and services.
    • Implement Lean Portfolio management.

    Course length

    2 days

    4 x 4 hours

  • SAFe® for Teams

    Get the necessary knowledge that an agile team member needs in PI planning and iteration (sprints). Break up features to stories and develop iteratively with built-in quality.

    What you will learn:
    • Explain SAFe® agile principles.
    • PI planning.
    • Iteration planning.
    • Execute iterations and demonstrate value.
    • Improve the processes in the agile release train.
    • Integrate and collaborate with other teams in the same release train.
    • Be part of an agile team in an agile release train.

    Course length

    2 days

    4 x 4 hours

  • Agile Process Tools: A look into Scrum, Kanban (and SAFe)

    A lot of people start their experience and knowledge with agile from a method, process, and tool perspective. This interactive training will give participants a healthy view of process tools and give concrete example of Scrum and Kanban.

    Participants will get to see and experience how Scrum and Kanban is in action.

    Course length

    2 days

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