Becoming a great agile leader



1 day per module
4 days in total

2 x 4 hours per module
32 hours in total

Recommended for

Physical or Virtual

Leaders, Managers, Business Owners, Agile Leaders, People Leaders, Team Leaders, Functional Leaders, Project Managers, Agile Coaches

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About the course

This is a 4-module training programme which is based on ICAgile Agility in Leadership contents.

Taking this programme will help you:
• be a role model for the transformation to come.
• learn how to lead in this new complex day and age.

Module 1: Understanding Business Agility
• Why business agility?
• What are agile principles?
• What is agile transformation?

Module 2: About Agile Leadership
• What are different leadership styles?
• What is agility leadership?
• What is emotional intelligence?

Module 3: Being an Agile Leader
• How to assess yourself as an agile leader?
• How to develop yourself as an agile leader?

Module 4: Becoming a Great Agile Leader
• How to lead change and transformation?
• The difference between managing change vs leading transformation.
• How to act differently?

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Additional Information

You can take the whole training programme in 4 consecutive days or with breaks in between.

You can order just one of the modules and not the whole programme however each module builds somewhat from the previous module. Jumping straight to module 4 would give deeper understanding and learning outcome if you have taken the previous modules as well.

For Physical events, we make sure to have necessary precautions in place to prevent a potential spread of Corona.