DevOps Self-Assessment Workshop



1.5 days

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Physical or Virtual

Agile Teams, Projects, Agile Release Trains, Value Streams

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About the course

The main purpose of this workshop is to provide a tool for organizations/projects to assess and improve their end-to-end continuous delivery pipeline and its flow. Continuous delivery pipeline is the combination of continuous exploration, continuous integration, continuous deployment, and release on demand. You can also say it is the whole process of creating a (business) idea until it is built and delivered to the customers and is of active use.

At the end of this workshop you have assessed the health of your Continuous Delivery Pipeline and come up with improvements related to it.

This means that…
• You know the current health of your Continuous Delivery Pipeline.
• You have a shared understanding of what improvement items that are currently in progress.
• You have prioritized and refined your list of improvement items if necessary.
• You have at least one improvement feature that aims to improve your Continuous Delivery Pipeline in your next iteration.

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Additional Information

We need some pre-work with you, so we are able to customize and fit the workshop better for you.

We also offer a “train-the-trainer” session for this so that you can facilitate and do this workshop yourself.

For Physical events, we make sure to have necessary precautions in place to prevent a potential spread of Corona.