Hypothesis and Experimental Driven Organization



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Product Owners, Product Managers, Portfolio Managers, Business Developers, Business Analysts, Business Architects, Business Owners, Company Owners

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About the course

Beyond tools, process, and methods, we have values, principles, and mindset. In this session we will focus on what being hypothesis driven and experiment driven means, but also about customer centricity and data driven. What does it mean to create hypothesis and testing them not only in the context of product and service development, but also in regards to improving internal processes.

Other content of this training:
• Concrete tools that helps you become more hypothesis and experimental driven (lean start-up, pretotyping, Epic hypothesis statement).
• The ‘real’ Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and how it differs to Minimum Marketable Product / Feature (MMP / MMF).
• How to test your (business) ideas as cheap and as fast as possible towards your market and customers.

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