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Company Owners, Anyone looking into agile frameworks like Scrum and Kanban, Managers, Agile Leaders, Facilitators, Team Leaders, Project Managers, Business units, Agile Coaches, Leaders, Organizations, Portfolio Managers, Scrum Masters, People in Management roles, Business Owners, Leadership Team, Product Managers, Product Owners

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About the course

Flight levels, overview of what is happening in an agile organization, the reduced need for reporting all the time, organize for complexity but have a good overview of the organization, trust, value for the customer not for the business are all selling points for adopting an agile methodology within your company.

Flight levels give c-level managers a birds eye view of what is going on within the portfolios without micromanaging every team.

Self organized agile teams are empowered to make decisions and move fast without having to wait for approval from management which in turn reduces the need for reporting back up the chain of command.

Organizing around complex products to portfolios may sound daunting, but with a good overview of what is happening within the company via flight levels, it becomes much simpler to trust that decisions are being made in the best interest of the customer rather than what is best for the business. The value for customers should always come first and by using an agile methodology, your company can ensure that it does.

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