Obeya Coaching



2 days

4 x 4 hours

Physical or Virtual

Recommended for

Leadership Team, Projects, Organizations, Business units

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About the course

In this training you will learn everything about Obeya and how to start with it. The idea is to combine theory with practical exercises.

Obeya helps you make the strategy, goals and plans transparent to have a faster overview, get insights and thereby make better decisions.

What will you get from Obeya?
• Better understanding of your strategy
• Constant learnings and improvements
• Acting together
• Meetings become much more effective
• Strategy and meaningful work are visible on the wall and tangible to the people in the organization.
• Trust
• Facts

What is an Obeya:
Obeya’s origin is from Toyota and means “war room”.
This powerful instrument helps you have a common focus on the important topics, generate ideas, collaborate and get the full overview of the department or organization.

The Obeya has 4 Walls (Portfolio Wall, Performance Wall, Improvement Wall and the Action Leadership Wall).

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For Physical events, we make sure to have necessary precautions in place to prevent a potential spread of Corona.