Pre-Agile Transformation Sanity Check



4.5 hours

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Companies considering agile/business/organizational transformation, Business units considering agile/business/organizational transformation

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About the course

So you have decided to do an agile transformation! Great! Or maybe you are just considering it now? Perhaps you would like to know if it is worth investing money on scaling framework like SAFe or hiring a consulting company that promises to help you with a transformation?

Let us offer a pre-agile transformation check with you.

This is a mini-workshop that helps you know what to expect from a business or organizational transformation. It helps you answer the following questions:
• Is a transformation what you really need? Or do you want to just change and improve on what you have today? What is the difference?
• How much of ‘transformation’ are you willing to embark on?
• How much of the entire organization is part of this transformation?
• There are costs related to any transformations, are you aware of these? It can even cost you some of your people.
• What are some patterns and anti-patterns of transformation?
• Do you scale up or scale down?
• What agile framework to use?
• Is it easy?

This session is based on our many years of experience with business and organizational transformation to business agility. Let us share our learnings from both failures and successes!

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