Product Ownership Camp



4 days

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Physical or Virtual

Product Owners, Product Managers, Portfolio Managers

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About the course

Perhaps you have been working with product ownership or product management for some time, and you feel you still want to grow more. Maybe your product management team is struggling to deliver value or not happy with what is being delivered. Worst even, perhaps it is your customers that are not happy with your offerings.

You might be new in product ownership and have been to trainings to learn the theories about working as a product owner, but you are still unsure of great many things that comes with the role.

This camp is about practicing and developing the different product ownership competences. It is for new as well as already experienced product owners and product managers. We will show and practice in different tools, techniques, and practices and tie them to principles and mindset (customer centricity, hypothesis and experimental driven, data-driven, etc.) great product owners and managers have.

We will cover these topics by going through the different lenses or relationships of a product owner:
• The product owner and the development team
• The product owner and the customer and market
• The product owner and the organization and stakeholders
• The product owner and the product

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For Physical events, we make sure to have necessary precautions in place to prevent a potential spread of Corona.