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2 days

2.5 days

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Release Train Engineers, Solution Train Engineers, SAFe Project Managers

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About the course

This is a bootcamp specifically targeting release train engineers (RTE), solution train engineers (STE), or other managers that work with leading agile release trains in SAFe.

What will be covered:
• Beyond SAFe - Exploring and alignment of the STE/RTE roles.
• Starting an STE/RTE community in your company.
• Improving your Inspect and Adapt.
• Agile Metrics.
• Value Streams.

This is a high-paced, interactive camp. Besides learning and practicing techniques, a more wanted outcome here is to form a learning and sharing community driven by and suited for the people in your company.

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For Physical events, we make sure to have necessary precautions in place to prevent a potential spread of Corona.