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ScrumMaster sertifisering av Agile Lean Leadership


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Produkt ledere, Prosjektledere, Alle som ser på smidige rammeverk som Scrum og Kanban, Fasilitatorer, Produkteiere

Kontakt oss for en uformell prat og få mer informasjon om hvordan vi kan sette opp kurs i din bedrift.

Om kurset

● Overview and details of the Scrum method
● The historical and theoretical foundation for Scrum
● How to be an effective Scrum Master leading the process
● How to work with the backlogs and burn-down charts to improve visibility
● How to coach the Team and the Product Owner in the Scrum way
● How to start the organization on the path of “constant improvement”
● Agile planning, estimation and retrospectives

Who should attend? Team members, project managers or anyone interested in improving the quality of work, Agile practices and leading teams. No prior knowledge of Scrum or Agile methods is required although some prior reading is recommended.

Agenda Day 1
● Introduction, warming up
● An exercise in constant improvement
● Why, Agile, Lean and Scrum? Adapting to complexity
● The Scrum framework as a fairy tale: the big picture
● Scrum Retrospective
● Scrum Roles and responsibility
● Scrum Events and Artifacts
● A bit about Kanban and its use
● Raising mutual understanding,
● Questions & Answers, Finalizing

Agenda Day 2
● Opening Gambit
● The inside of Teams
● The Scrum Framework revisited
● The process, the events in details
● Scrum from a historical perspective
● The Artifacts
● The Scrum Master as a servant
● Scrum, Agile Lean Leadership in the organization
● Deep Dive Questions & Answers

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