The Agile Leadership Camp



2 days per module

8 days for the entire camp

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Leaders, Managers, Business Owners, Agile Leaders, People Leaders, Team Leaders, Functional Leaders, Project Managers, Agile Coaches

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About the course

This is a camp that focuses more on developing and practicing the different leadership muscles rather than just teaching the principles and theories for being great leaders. It starts with discovering and developing oneself and rounds up by taking the perspective of the organization. It has 4 modules:

1. Leading Yourself
This is about learning about yourself – what are your values, beliefs, assumptions, and triggers. And how can you work with these to be a better version of yourself. This is also where we introduce some theories about leadership.

2. Leading People
The focus here is how to develop and help other people. Specifically, we would learn about and practice professional 1-to-1 coaching. We will train our listening skills, how to ask powerful questions, and how to give feedback. We will also use what we learn in module 1 and see how we can use it in a coaching perspective.

3. Leading Groups of People
We will be training and working with our facilitation muscles in this module. We will see concrete tools, techniques, and principles on how you could lead groups of people through facilitation. We will also touch some concept on how to teach groups of people (which is slightly different than facilitation), psychological safety, and team dynamics.

4. Leading Organizations
There could be different aspects and perspectives on how to lead an organization. In this module we have picked some of them shown below.
• Working with your business model and how to improve and innovate on it.
• Working with value streams – what is value and how do you deliver it to your customers.
• Working with OKRs and goal alignment.
• Working with customer centricity – deliver value that the customer wants / needs.
• Learn about business agility and system thinking.

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Additional Information

There will be a break after each module, so the entire camp does not happen in 8 consecutive days.
The duration of the break from 1 module to the next can be adjusted.
We will give participants homework after each module which will be followed-up.
Finally, you can order just one of the modules and not the entire camp.

For Physical events, we make sure to have necessary precautions in place to prevent a potential spread of Corona.