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Become one of our Guest Speakers

We are looking for inspiring thought leaders and speakers!


Although the Agile Business Mixer is not a traditional conference which is dominated by prepared talks, we like to add a few in the event. We are limiting it to 3 guest speakers. Are you one of them?


We are looking for people who can talk about topics relating to:

  • Business Agility / Organizational Agility

  • Agile

  • Lean

  • Organizational Change / Transformation

  • Leadership

  • Coaching 

You will get 45 minutes including Q&A, but we try to have a mini break after each key note session. The mini breaks also acts as a buffer in case it is needed. 

If you are not from Oslo, Norway, then we will cover your travel expenses.

You will also get a ticket for the event so you can stay for with us for the entire day.

Send us a summary of your topic and a bit about yourself to or using the button below.

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