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Agile Business Mixers

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Agile Business Mixer, March 2022 in Oslo

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The Future of Enterprise Agility

Simon Powers

Simon Powers

CEO and founder of Adventures with Agile

Simon Powers projects into the near, mid, and distant future on what might happen in the world of agility. Agility includes subjects such as leadership, organisational design, team, and personal development, as well as the wider topic of industry collaboration, technology, politics, and communication. There is a lot to consider in the complex world of organising people.


Simon works on the front line, helping organisations navigate the daily and the strategic challenges they face, he also teaches hundreds of agile coaches to do the same and hears their experience reports too. His job is to stay on the cutting edge. He sees the trends, the challenges, and what solutions are being applied, and so he is uniquely equipped to forecast what the future might hold for us.


Join Simon in discovering one possible future world of work.


Towards business agility in Telenor with “tight-loose-tight”


Tarald Holm Røste

Head of Agile Coaching & Enablement
Telenor Norway


Thomas Øivind Andresen

Head of Culture & New Ways of Working
Telenor Group

Telenor has for many years been transforming it’s way of work to be more innovative, agile and customer focused. In 2019 the focus was on the leadership that was driving business agility, and this is when they discovered the tight-loose-tight leadership (TLT) approach. When the pandemic hit us all in 2020 and flex-work became the normal, TLT was adopted as the way to practice trust-based leadership for all leaders across Telenor. Tight-Loose-Tight is a lightweight systemic approach were leaders and managers trust and enable teams to autonomously find the best solutions that align with company outcomes.


Agile transformation in NAF


Line Moen Larsen

Leader Strategy & Process


Aimee Skevik

Technology director

NAF is a well-grown organization that for almost 100 years has provided products and services to Norwegian car owners.

New forms of mobility as a result of technology development and new usage patterns are already taking their place in the Norwegian traffic picture. At the same time, all trend reports in mobility point to a development that will accelerate in the years to come.

How do we equip NAF to continue to be a relevant and powerful player also in the future? And how do we build an organization that is able to handle both the known and unknown challenges that lie ahead?

In recent years, NAF has undergone a comprehensive transformation of the organization, which includes technology, culture, financial management, branding and structure.

Hear NAF share the steps in their journey towards becoming an adaptable - and flexible - organization!


Agile Business Mixer, April 2021 (Digital)

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